Current Project

For my senior project my goal is to develop a GameBoy game based on Kobayashi Takiji's novel, Kani Kousen(蟹工船) or The Crab Cannery Ship. Given that this is a joint project in Computer Science and Japanese Language & Literature, it will primarily be looking at the ways in which a video game interpretation of a novel is capable of telling a story. For the Computer Science aspect I'm looking to add internet connectivity to my GameBoy via the game cartridge. Hopefully this game will be able to be accessed from any GameBoy && person with the "smart" cartridge on this website here.
In the months leading up to the fall semester of 2018 I've been preparing by looking at the narrative structure of notable nintendo games, such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and most notably, Dragon Quest. Drawing on this research I hope to better inform my own ability to tell a story using this unique medium. This essay located here is particularly interesting (if you can read Japanese) because of its evaluation of the game Dragon Quest III as a candidate for a Sci-fi award. Looking into the kind of development tools that will come in handy for programming a GameBoy game has also been a part of the research leading up to this point. A list of handy websites are listed here.

The project's github repo can be found here.
Click to Play Kani Kousen Game