This month has been focused on attempting to program the STM32F4. I've found a number of ways of doing this. When plugging into the board there is an attached file that holds a link to a online C++ compiler, which will compile C++ code to a *.bin file. The STM32F4's CPU can only interpret the *.bin files. I personally wasn't very eager to have to go to this website whenever I wanted to program the controller, so I've since been attempting to find ways to compile and run *.bin files on my machine, which runs Linux.
I've found a couple of options for doing this. The primary route I've been taking thus far is the stm32f4_arm_gcc compiler offered by stlink, which can be downloaded from github here. After having successfully configured this compiler, I've since been able to creaty a blinky.bin file (which blinks the STM32F4's LEDs). However, I've run into some trouble attempting to upload this file to the CPU. From what I've been reading online the issue seems to be that before uploading these files a reset is in order. It appears that this reset can be more easily done in Windows.
I've since downloaded Wine in the hopes that I will still be able to do this reset from my machine. Updates will be coming soon.