This month mainly consisted of trying to grapple with GameBoy hardware. Specifically, the cartridge! :) The memory is layed out as displayed above. But this was complete gobbly-gook to me at first (and still kind of is), so I looked to the CPU manual, which there is a link to below, and found that memory mapping with the gameboy may not be as difficult as I thought.
All this research is done so that I can later replicate my understanding of the cartridge when recreating it with my own game installed. Having further researched possible emulations of GameBoy cartridges I found that utilizing a raspberrypi was doable, but difficult because of its being a mini-computer. This is to say that because of its use of an Operating System, synchronizing the clock times could end up being really difficult, and require that I mess with the timing in the kernel. Not really wanting to fiddle with that, I've decided to utilize a micro-controller, which I've found resources about online. Which then will connect to a compatible wifi controller. The hardware I've chosen is the STM32F4-DISC because of its large amount of GPIO, use of ARM / lack of OS ability to handle 5V power source (amnt gameboy puts out), and compatability with another wifi controller.